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  1. excusemy sir i have a question about physics
    plz.... moment of inertia depends upon what??
    a.both a and b
    c.angle of rotation
  2. assalm O alikum sir,sir please suggest me how i prepare chemistry MCQs i am very weak in chemistry espacialy in calculations and i belongs to balochistan and in balochistan educational system is not well ,and in balochistan NTS take amadical entry test i join a acadmy in previous last 2 year and now i again join acadmy to prepare madical entry test now i am much batter but i need more help ,i want to join 1 more acadmy but i have no more time if i join 1 other acadmy than i have no time for selfstudy ,so please sir help me pleasse please please because my father wish that i get admission in fatima madical college lahour .
    1. Walaikum Salam,

      Self study is always a better option when you have less time. You have attended enough of academies and now I think it is time to sit at home and study at least 12 hours a day.

      Best of Luck with your future.

  3. hi sir i have 1 question of biology that;
    pili are absent in ,
    A-gram-tive bacteria
    B-gram +tive bacteria
    C-IN both
    D- nither in gram+tive nor in gram -tive
    1. Hi asma

      pili are absent in gram +ve bacteria


      Muhammad Waqar Akram

  4. I want to give entry test
    1. Hi sure you can Hamza, You will have to apply through UHS for giving entry test.


    2. Hi Hamza,

      You will have to apply through UHS for admission.


  5. Assalamualakum sir. sir please explan me one physics mcqs about apower question is that ,A70Kg man runs up along height of stairs in 4.0sec .The vertical hight of the stairs is 4.5m .calulate its power output in watt.
    A-7.3 multiply 10 power 2 W
    b- 7.7 multiply 10 power 2 W
    c-7.2 multiply 10 power 2 W
    d- 7.1 multiply 10power 3 W
    PLZ sir explane me for which formula this mcq will be solve .THANX ................................................................................................................................SO MUCH
    1. The formula to find power of something is p=w/t
      In this case w=mgh i.e potential energy.
      So by putting values p=mgh/t
      Or. P=7.7*10^2 watt
  6. hi sir you will provide lectures or mcqs and where is the institute location
  7. I went to bank to deposit fee but they demanded chlaaan how can I get????
    1. Hi

      You don't need any chlan form to submit the fee. You can submit fee on a deposit slip by HBL.

      Go to any HBL branch and get a deposit slip

      Account no 50337000068855

      Account title Entry Test Class

      Account Branch is HBL islamic Banking Multan road Lahore.

      You can also transfer funds via ATM and online Banking.

      Let me know if you have any problem,


      Muhammad Waqar Akram

  8. hi sir i need help please you guid me how we get addmission ?
    1. Hi asma,

      You can get admission by submitting fee in our HBL account through any HBL branch, ATM or Online Banking.

      Once done inform us via e mail or call we will create your account.


      Muhammad Waqar Akram

  9. I like it a lot.
    1. Dear umar it has started already and people are joining.

      You can also join by submitting your fee.


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